Sunday, August 3, 2008

Okay, so I am finally doing it

. I am terrible at scrapbooking and journaling, so I think blogging will help me to keep up with documenting our family life and be better at sharing pictures of Hayden with family and friends. I figure that if everyone else can find time to blog, so can I!

To start our blog off, I've included this recent picture of our son Hayden. I don't know what's cheesier, the macaroni or his grin. This picture was taken last week when my sister-in-law Kristi picked him up early from the Rico's house and she, Scott and Shawnna took him to Chili's. He is going through a phase right now where he refuses to eat vegetables and meat and will only eat Macaroni and Cheese, fishies, toaster waffles, milk, fruit snacks, fruit and Saltine crackers. I hope this phase will pass because I know that he needs to eat more nutritiously. We continue to place several options in front of him, but they seem to just end up on the floor, instead of his tummy. Every day is an adventure with Hayden, but at least he is growing and has been very healthy. He is growing up way too fast!