Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow! Has it been a month already?!?! Time just flies when you're busy. There is a lot to catch-up on and I better get it done before Christmas, so I can keep up!

This is Hayden and his penguin. He insisted on getting this penguin and treats him like he's his little buddy. It's fun to watch him be so thoughtful and make sure that his little buddy is comfortable.

Hayden loves his backpack. It's usually stuffed full with diapers, toys and treats. We laugh when he walks around with it on because he sways from side to side because he can't keep his balance.

Here is the house we are living in. It really doesn't look like it belongs in San Diego and it is the only house of it's kind. The original house was a little one bedroom cottage that was moved from the property on the hill behind it. The previous owners built around and made it into a mountain lodge. My favorite part is the master bedroom with ceiling to floor windows, an open beamed ceiling and beautiful brick fire place. It reminds me of staying in a log cabin. If only we could get rid of the skunks for good...

This is another picture from our Disneyland trip. There were plenty of little Fall photo ops around and I was happy that Hayden was willing to stay still for a few seconds!